Winners Announced in the Public Competition to illustrate the Fight Against Corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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May 2021 – The IPA project “Support to the Implementation of Anti-Corruption Strategies in Bosnia and Herzegovina” funded by the European Union and implemented by European Consulting Group has selected three best works within the recently announced public competition, which invited visual artists, designers, students of art academies and faculties, but also all other citizens of BiH to illustrate the fight against corruption in an artistic and creative way.

The competition was open for applications from March 11 to April 4, 2021, and a total of 17 works from different fields of art arrived, which fulfilled the goal of the competition – successful communication of anti-corruption messages in BiH through various forms of content and expression. The jury, composed of renowned representatives from the field of visual arts, media, and institutional fight against corruption, selected works that most successfully articulated the topic with visual content and stood out with their unique expression and quality of performance.

The three best works came from different fields of visual art and thus in a certain way fulfilled the goal of this competition.

By the decision of the jury, the following works were awarded:


“Illustration of the causes and consequences of corruption”, author Ilfet Vejo – a work that very clearly, scholastically shows what is the generator of corruption, and what are all consequences in society. A healthy root, represented by white color, fed by a bad social environment represented by black color, gives birth to a diseased tree, steeped in corruption regardless of the environment in which it is located. Citizens’ resilience to corruption and their non-participation in it is what is needed to clean the social environment in which new generations grow from the causes, in order for the root / new generations to be properly nourished and shaped.


“Goddess of hope”, author Lana Miličić – an unusual comic fable presents those who do not see corruption and do not react to it like hypnotized flies. The ones who do the right thing are punished and don’t receive protection but are presented as the culprit. In the end, everyone bathes in their own conscience based on the way they have chosen. Yet there is hope for those who are honest, they can come out of it unsullied


“Report corruption”, a group of authors Angelina Vukosav, Teodora Vukosav – a work that in a simple and visually appealing way shows what are all the manifestations of corrupt behavior and consequences, with a clear message that it should be fought.

Selected works from the shortlist of the jury are published in a special publication (catalog) and displayed on the website and/or in an exhibition (depending on the pandemic situation) in the coming period.

You see all the presented works at the following link and read more about project activities here