ECG Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

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Two Decades of Successful Public Sector Consulting Services in the Western Balkans region

European Consulting Group (ECG, or ECG Summit), the leading public sector consultancy based in Belgrade, Serbia reached an exciting milestone as the company announces its 20th anniversary this month.

Since its humble beginnings, ECG has grown to participate in major development programs funded by international donors such as EU Commission-EuropeAid and other schemes, in Serbia and the Western Balkans region including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey. It is also one of the few Serbian companies with the office in Brussels, Belgium and representative office in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, public agencies, government institutions, EU delegations, national ministries, national and international development organisations, as well as local, regional and international partners, for all their efforts and contributions over the past two decades,” stated Danijel Pantic, Director of ECG. “Our client’s success is our success, and we look forward to successful cooperation in the future.”

Over the years, ECG has implemented technical assistance projects in variety of sectors, including socio-economic development, good governance, health, human resources, information and communication and others.

Some of the projects we are especially proud of, contributed to the improvement of the health and well-being of the population of Serbia by supporting the implementation of national cancer screening systems (“Technical Assistance for the Implementation of the National Screening Programme

for Colorectal, Cervical and Breast cancer”) and provided free legal aid assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, and returnees upon readmission agreements which included more than 9000 legal cases representing over 6000 clients in front of courts and other public and administrative bodies (through IPA funded projects “Promotion and Protection of Property Rights of Internally Displaced Persons Refugees and Returnees upon Readmission Agreements”, and “Legal aid, assistance, and dissemination of information necessary for ensuring the protection and exercising of rights of IDPs, refugees and returnees”).  Also, ECG is currently the implementing partner for the Policy and Legal Advice Centre (PLAC III) which provides legal assistance to the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the process of harmonisation of the national legislation with EU acquis.

Over the past two decades, ECG has been voted the National Public Champion for Serbia, in the European Business Awards and was thus recognised as one of Europe’s best businesses in 2015. Moreover, in 2017, ECG was awarded with the “Creations for Centuries” award for dedication to development of entrepreneurship and SME sector in the region.

Last year, ECG Summit joined European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations (FEACO).  This is a great acknowledgement for ECG from our colleagues in the industry as we are the only company from Serbia, and in the Western Balkans region, to be part of this organization. The FEACO Procurement Committee (FPC), within the FEACO, advocates for the management consultancy industry with regard to policies and procurement, by making the FPC a credible partner for EU institutions and other key international Institutions.

Also, ECG was honoured last year by the Serbian Philanthropy Forum and Fund B92 for our efforts during the battle against the coronavirus and donation to the Clinical Centre of Serbia to help improve conditions and treatment of patients during their stay in health institutions during the ongoing health pandemic.

Due to the current restrictions and necessary precautions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company will refrain from traditional anniversary celebrations, but hopes to celebrate with partners and colleagues as soon this becomes possible.

About ECG

European Consulting Group is the leading public sector constancy in Serbia. Currently, according to Assortis and based on historical data, ECG is ranked number 1 in Serbia with 52 awarded contracts. The company has been certified for ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and ISO 27001:2018 (information security) to provide consulting services in technical assistance projects in the public sector and holds AAA rating.  To find out more visit our website