who we are & why you should choose us

We are European Consulting Group. Every day we do our best to make Serbia and the neighboring countries a better place to live in. Thanks to our mission to build firm foundations for prosperous future, we have been proclaimed the best Serbian company within the European Business Awards competition.
European Consulting Group (ECG) is an international consulting enterprise successfully operating from Belgrade, Serbia, since its establishment in May 2001. ECG was established upon the belief that Serbia, the other countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey can meet the historic development challenge of fulfilling EU accession criteria only with the strong support of premium public sector consulting services – services that respect the particular reform context and agenda of each individual country.


Cultural Expertise


During preceding 20 years of successful business, we actively adjusted our business normative to the market requirements. In 2017 we merged with Belgrade company Summit Consulting Service. Corresponding statutory and organizational changes, made also strategic improvements within our business procedures, clearly representing our tendency to grow and spread the activities, in line with state-of-the-art business trends world-wide.
The integral part of our improved strategy is the decision to offer new messages for the business world. One of the first messages is delivered through the creative implementation of our new logo, illustrating our company’s identity.
By respecting tradition, we decided to keep blue colour as the main motif, symbolizing long-term establishing of our main corporative values. The latter include business responsibility, bilateral trust and confidence neatly formed with our clients, together with confidence that every business project we conduct with respect, professionally and highly devoted! We continue with those values!
The green colour symbolizes harmony, nature, health and renewal. By adding the green within our logotype, we want to emphasize that our company’s values follow global trends in promotion and improvement of health as well as nature preservation and ecology trends, including renewable energy efforts. We are speeding up towards the global sustainable goals!
Golden ratio, divine proportions, illustrates our devotion to the creation of balance between clients and their demands, and the results we delivery. Present within our company, synergy of experience, knowledge and neatly selected professionals and experts is acknowledged as the best way of achieving the perfect  balance! We are achieving!

Creating new value through the harmonization of significant local market potential and Western practical experience, ECG is positioned to be among the leading know-how providers in the region.