Work with us

European Consulting Group business development team regularly monitors the market for business opportunities in an effort to identify key stakeholders, partners, their interests and best solutions for public sector reform projects in the region. Our timely and directed action results in remarkable expression of interest and tenders. We are dedicated to quality and sustainability of our product, and the overall social benefit which is derived from it.

Our consortiums are carefully designed in accordance with the required criteria and based on specific experience and knowledge of each consortium partner. Our international teams of experts are selected appropriately thus guaranteeing a valuable contribution to the achievement of objectives in our projects.

Accuracy, efficiency, agility, professionalism and cultural expertise are the core values of our business development department. We are pleased to invite interested companies, national and international experts, skilled business and project managers to examine our vacancies and to submit their Curriculum Vitae and information as requested in the announcement.

European Consulting Group welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with you!