Mobile Team in Novi Sad - Legal Aid

Mobile Team in Novi Sad – Legal Aid

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The free legal aid project mobile team visited the Municipality of Novi Sad on August 10, 2017. The team made a house visit to one Rome family, returnees upon readmission agreements, who need assistance obtaining personal documents, but due to their financial situation, are not able to visit one of the project’s offices.

The family, originally from Kosovo and Metohija, migrate in 1991 first to Germany and then to Belgium, trying to get documents, but after years of trying, in the end they were deported back to Kosovo and Metohija in 2015. Feeling unsafe in KiM, this family of eight moved after four months to Novi Sad, where they now live in a house let for use.

The father and mother contacted the free legal aid project asking for the assistance in obtaining personal documents for them and their two sons. The team listened to their case, collected the available documents and filled out the application for free legal aid.

On the same day, the team met with the municipal trustee for refugees and migrations in Novi Sad and presented the project and the assistance the project provides to the vulnerable groups, all in purpose of establishing a collaboration.

This field visit is one in the line of visits organized by the EU project „Protection and Promotion of Property Rights of Internally Displaces People, Refugees and Returnees Upon Readmission Agreements“ in purpose of increasing availability of the free legal aid to the vulnerable people who are not able to visit one of the six project offices, due to health or financial reasons.

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