VET Support for Serbian Detention Facilities

VET Support for Serbian Detention Facilities

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  • Status: Past projects | Ref. number: EuropeAid/130043/C/SER/RS | Country: Serbia, Donor: / | Consortium: | Project website: /
  • Start date - End date: 01.09.2011. -  01.09.2013.
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Published: 27.02.2015.

Status: Past projectsRef. number: EuropeAid/130043/C/SER/RS , Country: Serbia, Donor: , Consortium: , Project website: /

Start date: 01.09.2011. – End date: 01.09.2013.

Project description

The overall objective of the project was to improve the employability of adults serving their prison sentence, to facilitate their re-socialization after release, by establishing a sustainable and productive system of vocational and educational training (VET) for adults in detention facilities, accessible and responsive to learners and labor market needs, in line with the lifelong learning concept and focusing on life skills and competencies.

The purpose of the project was to assist the Ministry of Justice in the establishment of a sustainable and productive system of vocational and educational training in prisons. The project was implemented through the following components:

Component 1: Developing a strategy for VET in prisons and drafting its implementation with the main objective to develop a strategy for VET in prisons that is strongly supported by: the corresponding implementation plan, defined funding mechanisms, methodology and instruments for monitoring and evaluation of its implementation and the procedures and normative enhancements that enable its implementation;

Component 2: Implementing training Programmes with the main objective to validate the proposed Strategy and its supporting mechanisms through the pilot training phase that was conducted in the 3 selected prisons (Sremska Mitrovica, Pozarevac and Nis) and to build the capacity of teachers, instructors, counselors and management to implement this training for 500 inmates;

Component 3: Introducing new working procedures related to VET in prisons with the main objective to provide technical assistance and expertise to enhance capacities for implementation of VET in prisons through introduction of a number of new working procedures in the field of selection and motivation of trainees (inmates), development of their personal ILPs  and inclusion of counsellors from the National Employment Service in their later re-socialization and labor market re-integration;

Component 4: Strengthening capacities of the Ministry of Justice staff with the main objective to develop the common basis for implementing VET in prisons, both on national and local level through the application of a participatory approach, which ensures the participation of a broad community of actors and stakeholders in the preparation of re-socialization through prison VET Programmes;

Component 5: Public awareness strengthened with the main objective to develop communication mechanism that will not only promote the project (Programme) and its results, but will address the public hoping to bring out the best practices in re-socialization of ex-prisoners, to try to rectify the prejudice and stereotypes on ex-prisoners and stress the importance of their re-socialization for abandoning their criminal way of living.

The Project ‘VET Support for Serbian Detention Facilities’ was funded by the European Union and implemented from September 2011 until September 2013, by ECG in Consortium with BfW and AARHUS.