Supervision of Construction of Subotica and Kalenic Regional Waste Management Centres

Supervision of Construction of Subotica and Kalenic Regional Waste Management Centres

project details

  • Status: Past projects
    Ref. number: EuropeAid
    Country: Serbia
    Donor: EU
    Consortium: CONSULGAL, Louis Berger, IDOM, ECG
    Project website: /
  • Start date - End date: 03.02.2014. - 02.08.2019.

Published: 01.03.2015.

Status: Past projects, Ref. number: EuropeAid, Country: Serbia, Donor: EU, Consortium:CONSULGAL, Louis Berger, IDOM, ECG, Project website:

Start date: 03.02.2014. – End date: 02.08.2019.

Project description

The overall objective of the project “Supervision of Construction of Subotica and Kalenic Regional Waste Management Centres” is to contribute to the achievement of the National Waste Management Strategy 2010-2019 of Republic of Serbia and EU Directives on Waste Management and Environment Protection, in turn leading to a better state of environment and public health. While the specific objective is to help the development of reliable waste management systems in Serbia by supporting the consortium of Regional Waste Management Centres (RWMC) for Subotica and Kolubara (Kalenic) regions in particular.

The purpose of this Contract is to provide adequate technical assistance and advise to the Contracting Authority and consultancy services for the supervision of the works and supply of the equipment for the construction of the two Regional Waste Management Centres, and will be achieved through following results:

  • Timely and quality technical advise during procurement procedures for works and supplies contract:
  • Timely and quality technical on improvement of financial and operational performance of End beneficiaries;
  • Completion of the works contract on time (for construction of “ Kalenic, landfill, landfill in Subotica and 4 Transfer Stations in Subotica, Backa Topola, Senta and Kanjiza as well as assistance in completion of TSs for Kalenic region and for construction of recycling yards for both regions, if necessary);
  • Completion of the works contracts within budget cost;
  • Completion and implementation of the works contracts in accordance with their contractual provisions and relevant Serbian legislation;
  • Achievement of the technical standard specified in the requirements of contracts;
  • Completion of the supplies contracts on time (for Subotica and Kalenic)
  • Timely and quality reporting in accordance with Contracting Authority requirements;
  • Visibly in accordance with Contracting Authority requirements.