Niš Office Legal Team in Gadžin Han

Niš Office Legal Team in Gadžin Han

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A part of the project team, in charge of the mobile visit to potential beneficiaries of free legal aid, in cooperation with the local trustees for refugees and migration in Gadžin Han organized on August 3, 2017 in the Red Cross premises a meeting of internally displaced people from Kosovo and Metohija and the legal team from the Niš office.

Junior Legal Adviser Vladana Savić and trainee Miljana Đorđević spoke with clients from Gračanica and Peć on the legal property issues and other legal problems regarding displacement they are facing, collected the documentation for forming and amending files and offered some on-spot legal advice.

They had the opportunity to talk to an IDP who has been seeking justice in court for 13 years, when he first filed the lawsuit for damage compensation to the Municipal Court in Pec, but has not received any information on the proceeding to date. He has not contacted the Legal Aid Project for help so far, even though he should start a probate proceeding for the property in Peć. The legal team took over the documentation from the client and registered the IDP as a client whom the project will represent in the upcoming proceedings.

Besides new clients with unsolved legal property issues, the team met with a client who is already a beneficiary of the free legal aid project to collect additional documentation for the labor case that one of our teams is working on.

The legal team from the Niš office made a house visit to the client who, due to bad health condition could not come to the Red Cross premises in Gadžin Han. The client has already been using the services of free legal aid for the duration of the previous project, and some additional documentation was needed in order to continue representing him in his case of illegal usurpation of the land in Kosovo and Metohija.

Aside from internally displaces people from KiM, a lot of refugees lives in the Gadžin Han Municipality, so in the near future the legal team from the Nis office will visit again this municipality.