Reinforced implementation of visibility and communication activities of IPA programmes (EuropeAid/137986/DH/SER/RS)

Published: 27.04.2017.

Project description

This contract is solicited to inform and communicate about the European Union to the citizens of Serbia in order to achieve higher level knowledge of the EU accession process, and a high level of visibility of EU activities in Serbia. The contract's focus shall be on the support to the enhancement of visibility for the EU assistance programmes in Serbia rather than on the political and institutional envelope of the accession process. In particular terms, the awarded tenderer shall:

  • implement activities influencing systems and policy, while focusing on the strengthening of the capacity of civil servants in charge of EU funds communication (IPA visibility officers);
  • support implementation of visibility and communication activities in line with IPA Communication Strategy (and Action Plan) objectives and results, communication tools and channels, target audiences, and monitoring and evaluation requirements;
  • support activities promoting a better informed public about the EU and EU accession through the media, in order to explain the implications of accession to Serbian citizens, by maintaining a permanent source of punctual, timely and accurate information on EU financial support and technical assistance to Serbia.
Deadline for Submission of CV