Improving the quality of education by introducing examinations at the end of secondary education (EuropeAid/138188/DH/SER/RS)

Published: 30.05.2017.

Status: Submitted EOIs, Ref. number: EuropeAid/138188/DH/SER/RS, Country: Serbia

Project description

Improve the quality of the secondary education system in the Republic of Serbia by reviewing,
updating and/or introducing national final examinations in order to contribute building a
knowledge-based society.

This will be done through strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of Education, Science and
Technological Development and other relevant national stakeholders (notably the Institute for
Evaluating the Quality of Education, the Institute for Improvement of Education, the National
Education Council, the Council for Vocational and Adult Education, the National Council for
Higher Education – among others) and education institutions (faculties and schools), developing
exam materials, promotion and piloting of final examinations at the end of the four-year and at the
end of the three-year secondary education.

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