Strengthening the Capacities of the Ministry of Justice in line with the Requirements of the EU Accession Negotiation Process (EuropeAid/138191/DH/SER/RS)

Published: 24.02.2017.

Status: Tenders under preparation, Ref. number: EuropeAid/138191/DH/SER/RS, Country: Serbia

Project description

This contract is meant to strengthen the capacities of the Ministry in charge of justice in line with the
requirements of the EU accession negotiation process. In particular, support will be required to
significantly improve the analytical capacities and bases (statistical data, administrative data,
balances, registers, etc.) in the Ministry and other relevant institutions. Further support will be
provided to improve the capacities of the normative affairs department (analyses of alignment of the
relevant national legislation with the EU acquis and standards, table of concordance, comparative
analysis, impact assessment of the proposed changes within the negotiation).

Relevant fields for this contract are the following:

- Alignment of judicial normative framework with EU acquis
- Strengthening capacities of relevant judicial institutions/bodies within accession/negotiation process