Training in Administrative Procedures

Training in Administrative Procedures

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  • Status: Past projects | Ref. number: EuropeAid/132930/C/SER/BA | Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina | Donor: / | Consortium: / | Project website: /
  • Start date - End date: 04.11.2013. - 03.08.2015.
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Published: 27.02.2015.

Status: Past projectsRef. number: EuropeAid/132930/C/SER/BA , Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Donor: , Consortium: , Project website:

Start date: 04.11.2013. – End date: 03.08.2015.

Project description

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a reformed, efficient, transparent and service oriented public administration.

The purpose of this contract is to improve through training the knowledge of Managers of administrative procedures and inspectors in public administration at all four administrative levels in Bosnia & Herzegovina (State, Entities and District) about effective supervision of administrative procedures and administrative decision-making processes.

The main scope of objectives includes the following:

  • Training programme methodology and implementation plan for all four administrative levels in BiH will be developed. Approval of the methodology of the training programme and training programme implementation plan will be given by the members of the Project Steering Committee either with the approval of progress reports or as a separate item on the agenda, under the condition that constitutional and legal regulations of each administrative level are taken into account during the development of methodology and work programme.
  • Up to 1500 Managers of administrative procedures and inspectors trained and expectedly certified on all four administrative levels in Bosnia & Herzegovina. In performing their regular activities they shall act in accordance to the Law on Administrative Procedure or the Law on General Administrative Procedure, the laws which are applicable to special administrative procedures and laws applied by the inspectors in their work.

The Project is funded by the European Union and implemented from October 2013 until March 2015, by ECG in Consortium with Human Dynamics.