Serbia Media Assistance Programme

Serbia Media Assistance Programme

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  • Status: Past projects | Ref. number: USAID | Country: Serbia | Donor: / | Consortium:  / | Project website: /
  • Start date - End date: 01.10.2008. - 01.10.2012.
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Published: 27.02.2015.

Status: Past projectsRef. number: USAID , Country: Serbia, Donor: , Consortium: , Project website:

Start date: 01.10.2008. – End date: 01.10.2012.

Project description

The main objective of the Serbian Media Assistance Programme was a legally sound, economically viable media sector that provides professional and independent news and information for citizens throughout Serbia. The purposes of this contract were the following:

  • To support Serbian media and media associations in providing comprehensive and fact based information, while maintaining their sustainability;
  • To support the Serbian Government in providing legal and regulatory environment for media that is stronger and more transparent, effective and stable;
  • Increase managerial and financial capacity of independent media;
  • Enhance quality and availability of information for citizens.