Ongoing projects

Belgrade Bus Renewal Programme - Production of Strategic Organisational Plan for Public Utility Company "GSP Belgrade"

Published: 27.11.2015.

Status: Awarded projects, Ref. number: 37313, Country: Serbia, Donor: EBRD, Consortium: Consulgal in Consortium with European Consulting Group and TRENMO, Project website:

Start date: 13.11.2015. - End date: 12.11.2017.

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Supervision of Construction of Subotica and Kalenic Regional Waste Management Centres

Published: 01.03.2015.

Status: Awarded projects, Ref. number: EuropeAid, Country: Serbia, Donor: EU, Consortium: CONSULGAL, Louis Berger, IDOM, ECG, Project website:

Start date: 03.02.2014. - End date: 01.01.2016.

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CEED Serbia – Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development

Published: 01.02.2015.

Status: Awarded projects, Ref. number: CEED, Country: Serbia, Donor: , Consortium: , Project website:

Start date: 30.11.-0001. - End date: 30.11.-0001.

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