European Consulting Group implements and offers technical assistance of internationally funded development programs for public sector clients, since its establishment in 2001. By creating new value through the harmonization of local market potential and Western practical experience, we are among the leading know-how providers in the region. Our team of highly committed and skillful project managers is currently managing several key technical assistance projects in the region.

ECG maintains dynamic and effective communication within the implementation department through regular team meetings, and with all the project offices, clients and Beneficiaries. This allows us to constantly monitor the quality of services that our company provides to stakeholders.

Our practice to engage local and regional experts is of great advantage to our beneficiaries, as these experts usually better understand local specificities and needs, ensuring positive communication with all stakeholders and superior project outcomes.

ECG is distinguished by our strong network of result-orientated partners, comprising local partners with international experience established in the IPA region and foreign partners with local experience. We are pleased to cooperate closely with our clients and Beneficiaries in the design and implementation of tailor-made solutions in the fields of development consulting. Our clients are numerous. Besides the EU Delegation to Serbia, which is our prime client, our clients are the national ministries (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy, Ministry of agriculture, Forestry and Water Management etc.), national and international development organizations, as well as national and local government institutions.

Our principal goal in the Implementation Department is to assist clients by providing them with knowledge and capacities which ensure long-lasting and sustainable results. Being aware of the huge responsibility we have in institution building through publicly funded projects, we support the change management processes in our country and region.

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